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Score 2, 000 Free Virtual Currency Points For 'NBA 2K14'

Photo via Champs Sports The NBA season starts tomorrow. We're excited. We've spent most of the last week playing "NBA 2K14" and searching the internet for fantasy basketball insider tips. This weekend, we stumbled upon a cool deal for NBA fans. If you buy a new adidas Stacked jersey at Champs Sports, you get coupon […]
NBA 2K14 Server Shutdown Wipes Player Save Files

- 1 week ago @ Publisher previously assured that save data would not be affected.

Server shutdown disables single-player saves in NBA2K14 [Updated]

- 1 week ago @ Problem highlights short online support for many sports games.

Minimap April 8, 2015: NBA 2K14, Twin Peaks, Eve Online, Deus Ex, Visceral, Snoop, Street Fighter, Arrested Development

- 1 week ago @ Welcome to Polygon Minimap, a daily audio tour through the latest news about video games, related technologies and culture.

Evaluation: NBA 2K14

- 1 week ago @ (CBS News) Couple of series have experienced as considerably success as the NBA 2K franchise has enjoyed this console technology. It has been lauded as one particular of the most trustworthy recreations, nailing the minor issues like number of sports ...

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LeBron James Or Michael Jordan? Heated Basketball Argument Sends Man To

Huffington Post: Perhaps the true crime is that anyone would compare LeBron and Jordan. Have you forgotten the time Michael Jordan dominated the Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals? In case your memory needs refreshing, Jordan had the flu and still managed to ...

Video games, tablet stolen from Crayton Heights Road home

Manning Live: A 32-year-old man living in the 1100 block of Crayton Heights Road in Manning told deputies with the Clarendon County Sheriff's Office about 6:30 p.m. April 7 that someone entered his home and took two Playstation 4 games – Madden 25 and NBA 2K14 ...

Overview: NBA 2K14

Statesmen News: (CBS Information) Few collection have had as considerably results as the NBA 2K franchise has relished this console generation. It has been lauded as a person of the most trustworthy recreations, nailing the little things like couple of sports ...

2K Sports Taking NBA 2K16 Ideas From Fans

Attack of the Fanboy: 2K Sports is currently taking ideas from fans to help shape up and improve NBA 2K16. ... One of the things NBA 2K16 should fix is probably the face scanning feature from NBA 2K15. ... The servers were not even working when NBA 2K15 launched last year ...

NBA 2K16 Release Date, Rumors and Expectations: NBA 2K16 to be Released

Crossmap: March 31, server support for NBA 2K14 shut down and though 2K Sports had originally announced that online save files will automatically be converted for offline use, the files were not converted. Fans were unanimous in their anger and this resulted in ...

Les serveurs de NBA 2K14 rouvrent pour neuf mois

Next INpact: Le mois dernier, l'éditeur Take-Two faisait parler de lui en débranchant prématurément les serveurs dédiés aux fonctionnalités en ligne de NBA 2K14. Le géant américain est finalement revenu sur cette décision et a choisi de prolonger pour quelques mois ...

Is NBA 2K15 Safe to Buy After Recent 2K14's Server Shutdown Fiasco?

Venture Capital Post: After NBA 2K14 servers went offline and in the process, wiped off years' worth of saves made by gamers, many are weary if NBA 2K15 would be the same. Dismayed gamers showed their frustration on social media about how their saves, which took years to ...

NBA 2K15 won't repeat NBA 2K14's embarrassing shutdown, but NBA 2K16

Yahoo Sports: To recap: 2K Sports announced back in March it was shutting off servers for NBA 2K14, which launched in October (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) and November (PS4 and Xbox One) of 2013. That's 16 to 17 months of support, which is eyebrow raising on its ...


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Servers Back Online For NBA 2K14, Sim Bhullar Added To NBA 2K15's Latest

Day Herald: From now on, players of both NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K15 can breathe a sigh of relief as their game save will no longer be ruined by a 2K Games' planned server shutdown. Recently, 2K confirmed that it placed the NBA 2K14 servers back online. 2K Games has ...

NBA 2K15 Gameplay, Locker Codes, Roster Update, and Tips on Xbox One

Latin Post: In a reversal of what was previously done, 2K Games announced that NBA 2K14 servers were back online, Gotta Be Mobile reports. On March 31, 2K shut down the online servers for the 2014 version of the NBA simulator. Gamers expected their multiplayer ...

2K increases NBA 2K server lifespan following NBA 2K14 flub

GameZone: 2K has restored the NBA 2K14 servers and all online services. Beginning today, we are extending the support of all NBA 2K servers from 18 to 27 months following each release, giving our players more time to experience and enjoy the highest rated NBA ...

NBA 2K14 Servers Brought Back Online Following Complaints

Players given another nine months to complete their single-player campaign; 2K Games amends server support policy.

NBA 2K14 servers are back online following anger over career-killing shutdown

2K Sports is extending online support for NBA 2K14, following a storm of outrage over its decision to close the game's servers after 16 months — a decision that also closed down career-mode gamesaves on the game's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, even if they were played offline. A 2K Sports representative told Polygon of the extension this evening. 2K has restored the NBA 2K14 servers and ...

NBA 2K15..

NBA 2K15 Server Life Extended, Patch 4 Update Now Available (PS4, Xbox One

Gospel Herald: Theoretically, this means NBA 2K15's online server may stay active anywhere between Fall 2016 and Summer 2017. This recent decision is a reversal of 2K Games planned shutdown for the online element of the older NBA 2K14 title. Reddit and Twitter had ...

NBA 2K15 won't repeat NBA 2K14's embarrassing shutdown, but NBA 2K16 must do better

The question is if that publisher, 2K Sports, can continue to undo the even larger anticonsumer choice it made two years ago, or if at this stage in NBA 2K's development, it even can. To recap: 2K Sports announced back in March it was shutting off servers for NBA 2K14, which launched in October (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) and November (PS4 and Xbox One) of 2013. What's worse is, on the PS4 and ...

DE NBA 2K14..

Les serveurs de NBA 2K14 de nouveau ouverts Comme annoncé par 2K Sports, les serveurs de NBA 2K14 fermaient le 1er avril dernier. En amont de la fermeture, l'éditeur tenait à rassurer les joueurs en promettant que les sauvegardes en ligne des modes MyCareer et MyGM seraient automatiquement ...

2K rectifica y vuelve a activar los servidores de NBA 2K14

Akihabara Blues: Tras la indignación del otro día tras el cierre de los servidores de NBA 2K14 y la perdida de los datos de los usuarios, 2K mueve ficha y tenemos rectificación oficial: el soporte de servidores pasará de 18 meses a 27 meses.


NBA 2K14: les serveurs de nouveau ouverts aux joueurs Oui, vous avez bien lu. On parle bien ici du titre de basket de 2K Games, sorti en novembre 2013 chez nous. L'éditeur américain veut visiblement redonner sa chance au produit, comme dirait l'autre zouave.


2K ponownie włączyło serwery NBA 2K14 Ale 2K Sports z zapowiedzianym w zeszłym miesiącu wyłączeniem serwerów NBA 2K14 chyba się trochę pośpieszyło. W naszym kraju produkcja ukazała się zaledwie w październiku 2013, jest więc stosunkowo świeża. Oczywiście od kilku miesięcy na rynku ...

The servers for NBA 2K14 were scheduled to be shut down, but fan backlash has prompted 2K Sports to

The servers for NBA 2K14 were scheduled to be shut down, but fan backlash has prompted 2K Sports to reconsider. Polygon reports NBA 2K14 is back online, and future NBA games will receive 18-to-27 months of support after launch. Read more...


NBA 2K14: Spieler setzen verlängerte Unterstützung durch 2K Games wollte eigentlich die Online-Unterstützung für NBA 2K14 einstellen. Doch verärgerte Spieler haben das nun verhindert. Jedes Jahr gibt es für jedwede Sportligen neue Spiele. Diese sehen immer eine Spur besser als die Vorgänger aus und ...


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